Just a few of the things we do for you!

Taking your manuscript and making it into a real book

We help YOU get your ‘baby’ into the form of a book…E-Book and Paperback! From all the pre-press problems, shining and polishing it so it looks like a great book, we do it FOR you!

Marketing, Teaching, Training

Some companies CHARGE for marketing your book, with us it is part of the contract. We also can help you with Fan pages, Blogs, and Websites! We teach and train you as we go along so you feel more confident in recommending your book to others and gain new fans.


We can create a video for your book release showing the places, people, and ideas which enhances your fans enjoyment of your book. We also get it up on the internet for others to view.

Shadoe Publishing

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A small and personable publishing house that caters to each other’s needs during the difficult process of getting a book published.  We are here to help each other as you learn about the ins and outs.

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Shadoe Publishing