To Paris With Love

Final Book Cover Idea

Welcome to Paris, “The City of Lights”—where the only requirement to visit is being “Undead.”

Struggling with a past tragedy and growing unrest with my sister, I accepted an invitation to visit my very close friends in Paris.

My early morning flight had just arrived in Paris. As I made my way through the busy concourse, timed seemed to stop. All my mind could register were the three friends  standing in front of me. Janine and her two Brother’s, Luc and Jaycee.

Meanwhile, back in the States my sister Elena had taken great joy in antagonizing me. Elena’s jealousy would come to be the driving force that would lead to the culmination of a showdown that will resolve a past injustice and ultimately lead to the destruction of our relationship, and a much darker, sinister means to an end.

Would the love that Luc and I came to share, along with Janine and Jaycee be enough to overcome the deceit, treachery and betrayal we would encounter? Would the secret my friends have destroy me or renew me?

Little did I know, they would literally hold my soul in their hands.




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