Malice Masterpieces 1 The First Five Books

Malice Masterpieces 1 The First Five Books Front Cover

Mysterious Malice  (Book 1): Meeting a mysterious woman in a bar, Deirdre’s life is about to change. The abuse from her husband stops suddenly as this woman enters their lives. What does this woman want in exchange for her help?

Meticulous Malice (Book 2): Murder requires technique, it requires meticulous planning, and genuine care if you’re going to do it right, right?  Random acts of violence are not Alice’s style, however when forced on her, well let’s just play along….

Meticulous Malice delves deeper into who Alice really is…let’s play by HER rules…

Mistaken Malice (Book 3): Making a mistake is something Alice DOESN’T do. Can she deal with the fact that someone might not have needed to die? Can she deal with it when someone else makes a fatal mistake? Into Alice’s arena comes Senator’s Cecilia and Ken Edwards, is the interest she sees for her money, her power, or her desirable body? Pursuing this ‘friendship’ will create consequences none of them intended…

Malicious Malice (Book 4): Alice is angry and out for revenge!

Masterful Malice (Book 5): When Alice gets a plea for help from a friend of her sister can she do anything to free her from the bonds of a sadistic man determined to have her?  What about the bonds that Kathy begins to place on Alice’s cold little heart, how will this affect the killer in Alice….






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