What can we do for you?

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What we can offer you?

We are simply other authors that have had the experience of self-publishing.  We wish to share this experience with you, teach you, and help you to get published!  We do not charge outrageous ‘fees’ but simply get a percentage of your sales.  This means if you don’t sell any books, we don’t make any money for our time and effort. Yes, it’s that simple. You will be part of the ‘experience’ from beginning to end so that you do learn, and you will realize the amount of work that is put into producing a book with YOUR name on it!

How it works:

When your manuscript is accepted you will be assigned a professional proof-reader, and the proof-reader will help you shape the finished draft into something ready for publication.

At Shadoe Publishing, LLC we will also take care of all of the pre-press jobs that need to be done to ensure your book is released in the best possible form.  We will make sure it is free of typographic errors; provide a proof-reader to help smooth the prose itself, and a layout artist to build attractive and readable pages.  If necessary we are able to provide you with an editor to help perfect your manuscript.

All of this pre-press work adds up to an amazing amount of man-hours, so that those without self-publishing experience may find themselves with a sub-par product.  People with large enough budgets may find themselves in a position to subcontract out all of these various jobs to experts, but this can be a costly affair.  And of course, arguably the most important job of the book publisher happens after the book is printed.

Shadoe Publishing has connections that allow us to effectively market and sell your book(s). We work closely with our Marketing team, ensuring we are in the best position to gain maximum exposure for your books.

So, have you written a book?

Is it the next great best seller?  Let’s think realistically and try for the best so… Probably not but we hope so, and we’ll help you find out too!

So now what?

You have this work of art that you have poured your heart and soul into and probably worn your fingers to the nub out in typing.  There are a many ways you can go.  You can submit your finished work as edited as you can make it to all the ‘big’ guys, but a lot of the rejection letters read: we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts.  Well unless you are well known they aren’t going to solicit your manuscript in the first place.  It’s a catch-22 situation; you have to be known in the first place in order for the ‘big’ companies to notice you, but you can’t be known until you publish..  Quite the conundrum eh?

You’ve done all the hard work by writing your work of art right?

Wrong!  Your hard work has only just begun. This is where we come in to direct you and do some of it for you.  Be patient, you wrote your work for how long and it takes time to get it out there.  There is a lot to do before it becomes a printed work.  There is editing, rewriting, marketing, artwork, and a host of other things that need to be done and you will fully participate in the process.

What can you do?

You could hire an agent but even they have their form letters: we are not taking on new clients at this time – that is one of the more polite no’s that you will receive.

No’s are a depressing thing to receive and conventional publishing is full of them.  Remember it is their opinion and not necessarily yours or that or your potential fans.  After all many writers have been rejected many times before some publisher took a chance on them and their work.

Some companies will sell you ‘packages’ that you pay for time and again and there is no actual proof they are selling any of your work.  They will take your unedited manuscript and put it out there without fixing grammatical or spelling errors.  This is done a lot.  It makes you as the author look bad.

We are not here to sell you services you don’t need or want.  We will explain to you how we will get your work published.  Whether it is the next best seller actually can be up to you and how much you work with us as your ‘team’ to produce the best work that you can.

We make no promises of how many copies you are going to sell.  We do promise to get a good book out there to the best of both of our abilities.

We ask you to participate in your own marketing of your work; after all you are your own best marketing tool.  You know your work and you know the kind of people most likely to read it.

Are we experts?

No, emphatically NO!  We just have more experience than you do in producing books for the online and future markets as well as the self-published author.

Should every story be published?

Probably not, but we will give you an honest evaluation of what we think.  If it isn’t for us we will tell you that, and not lead you on blowing wind up your backside.  If it shows potential, we will tell you that as well.

We cover basic editing services and will help you polish up your manuscript.  All of this we are offering for no charge.  We do not make money on our projects until you begin to sell books.  It’s an incentive for us to help you be successful but really, it’s up to you.  If we accept your project we expect your cooperation in trying to make a success of it.  If you are too shy to do some of the steps, that’s okay.  Since a lot of marketing is done through social networking these days, your task is mostly a matter of just getting the word out, not necessarily participating in on-air interviews unless you wish to.


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