Kaden Shay


Kaden Shay is a 30-something crazy-cat-lady in-the-making who currently resides in Arizona with her partner and miniature zoo, which does currently include 4 cats.  When she isn’t writing or playing mom to several fur-kids she’s singing, playing guitar, or playing online video games.

Kaden grew up in a very musical household and was singing with her family early on in life.  Having an English teacher for a dad gave her a love of the written word and encouraged her to begin her own path toward writing.  She spent middle school and early high school penning poems, songs, and short stories before beginning her first book at age 16 (a project she still hasn’t completed)!

Her furry family, currently consisting of two dogs, four cats, and several rodents, is always available to help her procrastinate in finishing projects.  Helping that along are her favorite activities like online RPGs and karaoke.

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Her Calling Cover 4 copy  View More: http://ryandaythompson.pass.us/sothebys

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