Love Me Completely

After an unhappy marriage, Marie is lonely and wants to find love.  Her old ways of searching for someone special hasn’t worked.  So after learning a new technique, she found the love of her life.  Marie puts everything she has into this new relationship with Jada, wanting only her happiness, sacrificing all, even her mental and physical health.  However through Jada’s family and personal secrets, she wonders what is in it for her.  Did she really find what she was looking for when she met Jada, a younger black woman?

Jada answers the call for companionship with Marie, but she’s holding on to the past, unwilling to let her mother know her closely guarded secret.  Unfortunately, she’s confronted with some disturbing news which threatens to destroy her future.

Will her secrets keep her from happiness with Marie?  Will her suspicions cause her to miss out on the best thing in her life?

Unbeknownst to Kelly, “another” answered the call for friendship with Marie was well.  When Kelly’s attracted to her dance partner, “Kelly” makes it her life’s mission to become more than just Marie’s friend, even if that means ruining her love’s life.

  Those that lie within the unsuspecting woman are a mystery to Kelly, but also to Marie and Jada as well.




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