The Tiger and the Snake

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Whether you are careful, and shy, like a baby deer, or aggressive, like a curious baby puma, next thing you know, love finds you again, and you realize you have feelings for someone new.

You realize that you have moved on, even if you didn’t plan it that way. 

A scent, flavor, or texture may remind you of someone from long ago.  You never know what memories still linger in your soul.  Many years ago, I re-read a journal entry of mine: 


“I went to La Salsa last Friday, since I didn’t have class.

I was lazy and I didn’t wanna go too far.

I ordered two chicken tacos.


Then something strange happened.

I ate the tacos really fast.

I never eat that fast.

My stomach hurt!

I always eat at my slowly, enjoying every bite.


I was so astonished.

I thought about it as I walked out and went to Trader Joe’s to buy groceries.

As I walked out of Trader Joe’s it hit me:  Sharon.

I ate those tacos super fast because of Sharon.

Sharon was the first woman I ever slept with.

I met her on, about 7 years ago.


She was an LAPD cop.

She lived in Long Beach.

We emailed for a few weeks, spoke on the phone for a few weeks, before finally meeting on Cinco de Mayo, 2001.

(The blissful days before 911.)


Anyways, she was such a great lover.

Foreplay was 24 play with her.

She knew exactly what she was doing.

She was reading my body like water rides on a surfer.


On one such evening with her, balmy, in late May, she made us: Grilled chicken tacos!

With avocado, tomato, and shredded cheese!

They were so great.

I felt so taken care of!

That’s why I ate these chicken tacos at La Salsa so fast,

I fell in lust with them, without knowing the real reason why.

How strange.

After all these years, the memories of her still linger,

if not in my entire body, probably in my mouth!”


Weather you’ve had many crushes, or just one great love,

Before you know it, one part of your life is over, and you step right into the new one, like a traveler walking through a misty forest, accompanied by a baby deer and a baby puma. Whether you identify with a wild un-tamed tiger, or a silent, shy snake, depends on personality.  But when looking for love, I believe you should seek your complimentary opposite, not someone identical to you.


Having too many similarities will have you believing you have achieved a sense of intimacy.  But that sense if false.  Too many similarities, and you will bore each other to death, eventually, or destroy each other for good, while your relationship goes down that downward spiral that no one survives. 

This collection is that forest that I found myself in, that path I traversed, that escapade I needed, in order to get to the other side. 

Soon enough that snake did behold the tiger’s eye. 

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