An alphabetical list of books presently published or about to be published by Shadoe Publishing!

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47 Cover  A Girl Called Final Front Cover  A Lost Love  A Man's Man Front Cover  A Simple Twist Of Fate Front Cover Capture - Copy   Abby's_Scar_Cover_for_Kindle    After Sasha    Anthology Cover  Arctic Gale front  Assassin of Nova   BBQ Front cover  Beyond Nova Front Cover  Blood Source  Blown Away  Blown Away The Alternate Cover  Front Cover of BRIDGE    Care for a Dip  Children of Cover  Children of the Wolf Cover  Claimstake Front Cover      Front Cover  Dark Star Front Cover  Dark Traveler cover  Doctored  Empire's Advance  Empire's Fall  Erotica Cover       Fast Lane  Front Cover  Fortunate Fire Cover  Germanic  Ghostly Love Cover   Heart of Fire Front Cover 2-7-14  Heart of Vengeance Front Cover  Hell Comes Home Front Cover  Her Calling Cover 4 copy  View More:  Hope  Hunter FRONT Cover  Immortal Tigress - Copy  Incoming Front Cover  Final Front Cover 2 INSIGHT  Instinct Cover  Front Cover   

Lady Seeker  Lady Shadow  Lawyered  Leaving Afghanistan Behind 3  Long Distance Romance      Bacon Front  Malice Masterpieces 1 The First Five Books Front Cover  Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover  Book 2 Meticulous Malice Cover  Book 3 Mistaken Malice  Book 4 Malicious Malice  Book 5 Masterful Malice  Malice Masterpieces 2  Book 6 Matrimonial Malice  Book 7 Mourning Malice  Book 8 Murderous Malice  Book 9 Mental Malice  Book 10 Menacing Malice  Malice Masterpieces 3 Books Eleven through Fifteen Front Cover  Book 11 Minor Malice  Book 12 Morally Malice  Book 13 Morose Malice  Book 14 Melancholy Malice  Book 15 Mad Malice  Book 16 Macabre Malice  Book 17 Marinating Malice  Macerating Malice Book 18  Book 19 Minacious Malice  Book 20 Meddlesome Malice            Novan Witch    Out at The Inn Cover  Out of the Mist FINAL cover        Phoenix cover   
Red Nova front Cover
  REPRESENTED Cover #7  Return from Exile front cover  AShadoeRtRcoverGoldieWinner      Sapphic Cowboi Front Cover  Sapphic Cowgirl Cover  Sapphic Surfer Cover   Shelly Cover Ships Cover #3   Shorts  Small Town Angel Cover 1  Front Cover SPANISH  Japanese  Boxer Shorts Cover  BookCoverPreview  The Crossroads Cover Dawn Carter  The Death Room  BookCoverPreview   The Journey Home Front Cover  MacKendricks (1) - Copy   The Other Side of Indifference  The Plaid Skirt  The Path Not Chosen front  The Second Front      Front Cover  Front Cover   Timed Romance  Final Book Cover Idea  To Love A Shooting Star (2)    Vaquera Safica Front Cover  Veil of Silence Cover  Watcher and the Warrior  

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